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01 September 2007 @ 12:21 pm
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17 August 2007 @ 08:55 pm
Alright, this is going to take awhile to explain, so please hold in there. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or otherwise contact me.

+ Everything will be in THIRD PERSON PAST TENSE.
+ Use your character icon while posting (aka: an icon featuring the character you RP). This makes it easier for people glancing over the thread to see who is replying. This is a bit of a hassle if you're like me and reply right from the e-mail. You'll have to go to the thread, log in, and reply. Or just make your character icon your default icon
+ NO BASHING. Only Kyon can bash Koizumi. Also, NO DRAMA.
+ STAY IN CHARACTER. The biggest thing about RPs. We all know that.
+ NO FANFICTION. You are to write for your character and YOUR CHARACTER ONLY. Do not put thoughts into other character's heads or make them move as you please.

EVERYONE will have posting access (I just need to go give it to you, or at least check to see if you have it). You are free to start posts AS YOU PLEASE. When starting a new thread, please put the following at the beginning:

Characters: (list of characters in thread)

I will be tagging the posts (or you can do it for me :D). Sometimes, if it's a thread that just involves a conversation between Koizumi, Asahina, and Yuki, we'd like to know!

There is no time frame for this RP, but we'll all just pretend it takes place in that one year. It can happen before/after events that happened in the anime or light novel (such as before the school festival, or after the base ball game). IF THIS IS SO! I ask that you include another topic in your post:

Time: (state around which event this thread is happening)

Posts WILL NOT BE LOCKED. They will be around for the world to see!! But only members can reply~ so make sure you're always logged in when replying.

There is no real order when replying. Either you reply when you feel like it or you don't. Please at least try to post in a timely manner. Pretty self explanitory.

On occassions, we'll do a thread or two in AIM. If it's between two people, just keep it in the regular AIM box. If we have three or more, then we'll be in a chat. I'll explain in a moment how the chats/conversations will go down. One person must designate themselves the 'record keeper' or whatever, meaning they have to save the chat or copy/paste the lines into another document. See below for how to post it.

There are various styles that people use to RP over AIM. I just want to make sure we all do the same way, just to make it easier for the person who is recording it all down. Once the RP starts, any Out Of Character comments will be made in OOC bubbles! They can be any of the following (or some variation there of)


and so on and so forth. Everything NOT in this OOC bubbles will be qualified as part of the RP. As stated before, posts will be made in third person, past tense. The following is an example of a small RP scene I did with a friend over AIM. This is the format that I just explained:

exampleCollapse )

As stated before, please include the 'characters' (and possibly 'time') little details before continuing. I do ask that you also add:

Status: (state if it is ongoing or not)
ONGOING: This simply means that the thread is not finished. It might be continuing in AIM still, or it might be carried on in comments to the post.
FINISHED: This thread is done: both in comments and on AIM.

Once you are finished (for the time) with an AIM RP, one person will edit the document (meaning, taking out all OOC comments and screen names. Editing spelling/grammer is not nescessary, but you are free to do so.) Once it's all cleaned up, and the one person posts it, it will look like the following

exampleCollapse )

From there, you may continue to chat in AIM and either edit the post to add on the new information (please mention if this is the case), or post in a reply. DO NOT MAKE A NEW THREAD. If you don't continue on AIM, feel free to continue in the replies.

ALSO! PLEASE POST ALL AIM RPs BEHIND A CUT. This just makes it easier. The 'Characters' note is to be kept OUTSIDE of the cut, but the RP itself will go under. If you post an extension (aka a continuance of an AIM RP as another AIM RP), please use a new cut.

This will be just like the anime, where only Kyon's thoughts are vocalised. Or well.. typed out. This also limits how the other characters will be able to reply/respond to things. As Kea (our Koizumi) put it:

And the rest of us just act it out xD like; Koizumi does this Koizumi does that Haruhi eats this Haruhi kicks that Asahina screams at this Asahina passes out at this Yuki stares at this Yuki blinks at that. None of that; Koizumi thinks~ Haruhi suspects~ Asahina was sure that~ Yuki believed~

I hope this isn't too hard to follow.

Ummmm I think that's all for now. Whew. That was a LOT. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me! I will answer to the best of my ability xDD
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17 August 2007 @ 08:50 pm
HEY EVERYONE! Like I promised OH SO LONG AGO, this is the post where you can throw out plot ideas.

pretty much... anything goes. Try not to use something that has been used in the anime (the light novel I will be a little lax on; I haven't read the whole thing and I don't know many people who have read it at all *or even knew there was one xD;;*). I would prefer it if most ideas could include all five of us. Occassionally, there might be a few threads with only 2 or 3 people are so, and that's totally chill.

So I think that answers it for this post. So go ahead and just reply with ideas! (If it doesn't include all five of us, just state who it includes).
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